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COVNA: The first brand solenoid valve electric

COVNA and then expand overseas markets to attract multinational customers to visit the tide

Far from the road, a worthwhile trip

With the growing overseas market in COVNA, the COVNA Automation system is favored 

by more and more overseas customers. Recently, customers from the Philippines, Israel and 

Vietnam have visited the Dongguan R & D Center, the exhibition hall and the Guangzhou factory 

under the leadership of COVNA General Manager Bond to experience the product 

"forming" process.

When customers see the name of the card to write their own, feel cordial, take the initiative to photo

COVNA Sales Elite lined up welcome to Israel, Vietnamese customers

Foreign customers on COVNA "rigorous, pragmatic, innovative" corporate culture is very much agree

COVNA products with more than 30 core patents and multi-national certification, professional trustworthy, 

much foreign customers trust

Then,The Ministry of Foreign Trade sales elite in English directly to the customer introduced to the COVNA 

professional product advantages, led customers to visit the COVNA production plant in the advanced 

production equipment, product production process and experimental research and development center. 

Foreign customers understand the actual situation of the production of COVNA, greatly inspired the 

cooperation with COVNA satisfied interest.

Before the contact with the finished product, and now came to Dongguan headquarters and Guangzhou factory, 

really make me an eye-opener ... ... "Philippine customer Carter exclaimed during the visit, with excellent 

performance, perfect service, standardization Production and other advantages known to COVNA 

product conquest, customers COVNA automation industry strength is very satisfied, have put thumbs 

up "praise".

In the automated test room, foreign customers personally experience the performance of test products

Philippine customer Cater is very excited about this trip to benefit from this trip

Face to face communication, dialogue future

In the exchange of talks between the two sides, COVNA, general manager of Bond on foreign customers to 

visit this very grateful to thank the support and trust has been, and said COVNA over the years to fine 

management, advanced technology, Gradually expand overseas markets, to bring customers the best 

quality products and services.Through face-to-face communication, guests expressed their appreciation 

for COVNA size, product quality and R & D technology, and all aspects of COVNA meet their requirements 

for qualified suppliers and lay a solid foundation for future cooperation. But also on the COVNA product 

technical characteristics and the Philippines, Israel, Vietnam and other countries of the market prospects 

of the exchange.

- "What is the best and worst impression of this trip to China?"

- "This visit, there are some places that make you the most uncomfortable?"

- "If yes, can you give us a few suggestions and advice?"

In the last to send off the banquet, foreign customers seriously reply to our problems. In this regard, foreign 

customers particularly agree with our "sincere and frank", laughter between the depth of communication, 

the ascendant.

General manager said: treat our customers, must be done in a healthy manner, a total of win-win situation. 

We will continue to uphold the "quality first, service first, the credibility of the first" business philosophy, 

help enterprises to automation applications and transformation and upgrading, to become the best global 

application of automation services provider!