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COVNA: The first brand solenoid valve electric

This is not a simple PK war。。。。

This is a PK conference of wisdom, food, 

money and some handsome guys. 

Don’t you believe it ? 

You can have a look about 

some funny pictures below here.

How does it feel? 

Is it so excitied?

Are you ready for the next part?

Please calm down and let’s go. 

Next part was the traditional one - 

the summary of August performance. 

Here comes to our handsome and 

wise CEO – Mr.Hong!

Then,let me 

introducted you a classic game

-- PK Wars. 

It is the most exciting part in our metting, 

as the most representative cultural event 

in Covna,

 this can show every employee's efforts and 

persistence in this month. 

The loser needs to sacrifice his money

 to the winner and of course, 

the losers won’t give up and

 leave a message to the winner: 

we will see it next time! !

Come on, 

let’s congratulate them on their efforts 

and persistence! ! 

Finally, we also had a September start-up 

meeting. In the next month, 

Covna will promote a new style of 

positive energy, 

at the same time we need to 

improve our work efficiency, 

create a relaxed and 

active working atmosphere, 

create business training instructors and 

plan a business recruitment.

In this meeting,

 I was deeply touched. 

Because I know in Covna,

 there are so many teachers and 

tutors can help us to grow up perfectly. 

We are so grateful to our customers 

for their support and understanding, 

and look forward to hearing from you guys, 

we promise that we will give the 

best quality products and 

the best service to our customers.

In 2018, there is no time left. 

I hope that our colleagues of domestic 

and international sales department 

can move on quickly 

and get over the difficulty we meet. 

We should start up and greet 

the sprint of the last three months 

so that it can leave a good memory

 to our family in the future!

Take a deep breath!

Just work hard!

Just be willing to pay!

I believe you will have the best things in the world.

Goodbye in August!

Rise up in September!