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COVNA: The first brand solenoid valve electric

This early autumn, the team of COVNA One BeltAnd One Road set off again from the headquarters in China. After a 10-hour longflight, they arrived in the Russian capital Moscow with great excitement. Onthis trip, we will take the COVNA INSIGHT to visit old customers who have beencooperating for many years and carry out a series of commercial and culturalexchange projects.

Aftergetting off the plane, the COVNA One Belt And One Road team can't wait to visitcustomers who have worked with them for years. We discussed about the product,about the future development of the company, and looked for more businessopportunities to cooperate together. Our customers are satisfied with ourproducts and services, and we will always support them.

Althoughthe three-day visit will not enable us to explore more customer groups indepth, the COVNA team is deeply aware of the huge potential of the Russianmarket, and we will continue to explore the Russian market in the future.


Aftervisiting the clients, the team came to the famous red square to exchangeChinese and Russian culture with the local people, and visited many famousbuildings along the way. At the same time, we felt that the Russian people werevery kind and kept a friendly smile on their faces.