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COVNA: The first brand solenoid valve electric

Love, an unchanging topic, dedication to love, the fruits of love, the promotion of Chinese traditional virtues, 

and the continuous transmission of love are the themes that our COVNA people have passed down from 

generation to generation...

At 9 o'clock on the morning of November 1, 2018, the teaching point of the West Village of Yalong Township, 

Dahua County, Hechi City, Guangxi, suddenly boiled. The students were just as happy as Children's Day 

– because of a COVNA Group. The caravan of love cars is full of teaching facilities, educational books, 

sporting goods, clothing and other love materials, and the warmth of winter is like warmth.

Helping students to help and build COVNA "Hope Primary School"

In order to continuously improve the basic education of poor children, the COVNA Group Company decided to 

build the COVNA "Hope Primary School" at the teaching point of the West Village of Yalong Township, 

Dahua County, to truly realize the continuity and precision of helping students to learn wisdom. Meanwhile, 

COVNA has donated a variety of multi-purpose projectors, "Four Masterpieces", teaching maps, dictionaries 

and basketball table tennis, and sent a number of school uniforms, school bags, pencil cases, watercolor 

pens and books to more than 80 poor students. And other learning tools.

Bit by message, love interaction

General Manager Hong of Covina pointed out at the donation ceremony that the donation of donation is a 

traditional virtue to carry forward the Chinese nation's support for the crisis, and it is the specific practice of 

the COVNA people to fulfill their social responsibilities. After the construction of the primary school in COVNA, 

it will be assisted by the cultivation of education methods, cultural construction, and ideology and morality, 

with a focus on left-behind children and children in distress in the mountainous areas. At the same time, 

Mr. Hong appealed to more caring enterprises to participate in public welfare activities, to do a little bit of power 

for the mountain to get rid of poverty, and to carry the love to the end! In the end, Mr. Hong encouraged the 

children to remember the social care, establish the ambitious goal, strive to be the pillar of the country, 

and strive to repay the society.

"Unique" English class

Based on the practical experience of the COVNA Group company in many years of international trade, 

the COVNA volunteers bring a unique English class to the mountain children, and use the experiential 

teaching method to open the children's interest in English.

In the classroom, the unique teaching style and pure pronunciation of the "English teacher" deeply attracted every classmate, 

and cheers continued in the classroom. Teachers and teaching assistants use visual, visual, dynamic and rich body language to create situations, lead students to experience pronunciation skills, conduct authentic oral English exercises, and correct students' pronunciation at any time. Until after the class, the children are still immersed in the fun of learning English, scrambling to communicate with the "English teacher".

Going deep into the country, consoling special difficulties

Subsequently, under the guidance of the leaders of the village committee, the volunteers of the COVNA went 

to the homes of 9 destitute households in the West Village of Yalong Township to send condolences 

to the destitute households. The arrival of COVNA volunteers added to the families of the destitute households. 

A brilliant sun.

During the visit and condolences, the COVNA volunteers recorded the family information of each special poor 

household to help them further help the poor. General Manager Hong of the COVNA Group said that he will 

continue to help the poorest families to apply for preferential poverty alleviation subsidies and solve their living 

difficulties. The families of the destitute families expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers 

of the COVNA company, and also thanked the community for their concern.

Love is in the future

As a member of the social organization, COVNA Group Corporation is committed to becoming a corporate 

citizen with social responsibility. Since the establishment of the company, we have integrated the social 

responsibility and corporate development with the concept of “developing enterprises and contributing to 

society”. As one. In the future, the COVNA Group will be dedicated to organizing activities such as the Love 

Foundation, the COVNA Hope Primary School, and the mutual visits of students, and will use their actions to 

contribute love and spread positive energy!

COVNA, for love!