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2018 Environmental Protection Conference in South China

-COVNA 12th Industrial Salon been Successfully Held。

During the 2018 NPC and CPPCC sessions, the State Council established the Ministry of Ecological Environment. In the 19th CPC National Congress report said that“China highly values ecological and environmental protection. Guided by the conviction that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, the country advocates harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, and sticks to the path of green and sustainable development.”Nowadays, concepts like green energy, high-efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection have been highly concerned by the public.

On Dec.15th ,2018,the 12th COVNA Industrial Salon and Environmental Engineering Technology Conference was successfully held in Dongguan Yuelai Garden Hotel, which led by Dongguan COVNA Automation Industry Co. , Ltd, and co-organized by Shenzhen Hengda Xingye environmental Protection&Technology Co. , Ltd. , SHENZHEN JINHUALI REFRIGERATION PLANT Co., Ltd , Guangdong Huannuo Environmental Technology Co. , Ltd. , TÜV Rheinland, Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co. , Ltd. , Guangdong Wise Exhibition Co. , Ltd..

Companies gathering, business discussion, technical exchange, project resources integration, stage show, dinner party... As the number one Industrial salon in South China, the 12th COVNA Salon had near 500 participates in Environmental industrial from Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Shandong, Fujian and Guangdong province. Companies were gathering here and seeking for new opportunities for cooperation and development of Environmental Protection Industry. 

Since first held in 2016, COVNA Salon has been successfully held 12 times in Dongguan, Foshan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Each time attracted more than 500 enterprises, experts, sales and technicians from the fields of water treatment, environmental protection, machinery and equipment, automation system and so on, and was reported by many media. As time pass by, the COVNA Industrial Salon has become the best platform for exchange of enterprise information, insight into the future of the industry, discovery of great business opportunities and seeking win-win Cooperation

During the business information sharing part, our distinguished guests shared with the participates their projects, technology, cases, and ideas. The debates of each other's views, and the collision of ideas, let us find the nature of the problem, the core value of things and the key to the integration of resources, broaden our horizons, greatly promote the common progress.

Later, as the organizer of the 12th Salon, Mr. Bond Hong, General Manager of Dongguan COVNA Automation Industry Co. , Ltd, introduced about the three brands of COVNA-COVNA Industrial Salon, COVNA Industrial Insight Magazine and COVNA Island special training camp in his presentation and emphasized the importance of middle-to–small enterprises working close together to enhance brand competitiveness and walk out to the world.

At last, there was the meeting for the 2018 environmental project resources meeting, attracting all the guests focus on! Suppliers and project leaders met, exchanged business cards, then hot discussion... The lively atmosphere made all the guests more firmly believe in the value of "working more closely with each other and expand oversea market together" !

As stated in the motto of COVNA Salon- Cooperation makes a win-win solution , let us remember the mission of a environmentalist, remember the laughter and Tears of the past year, cooperate more closely and achieve a win-win 2019.

COVNA Salon, see you next year!