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COVNA 2019 annual meeting comes to asuccessful conclusion

Success with conviction, 

regret inspire struggle.

2019 is here, 

and before you know it, 

another year has passed.

On the afternoon of January 19, 2019, COVNA group families gatheredtogether in dongguan Nile hotel to hold the "all the way youth · create thefuture -- COVNA2019 annual conference".

The annual meeting opened with a short video about covna's journey toprosperity since 2018.

We reviewed the brilliant achievements in the past year, and the nextyear's work on the deployment plan.

With the growth of COVNA group, the business unit partners gradually move towards the trend, and one partner after another of COVNA comes into being.

Witnessed by COVNA family, COVNA general manager Bond, general manager James wong and domestic business Chen Dan signed the "COVNA business unit partnership agreement".

James and Chen Dan respectively announced the team goal for the next year, flying towards a higher goal in 2019!

The conference enters the second item -- annual performance sprint declaration Two COVNA group inheritance business partners -- domestic business huang biying and foreign trade business huang Sherry Huang made the annual work report for 2018 and proposed the new team goal plan for 2019.

We expect COVNA inheritance business division to achieve better results in the New Year!

Then the business representatives of the foreign trade department and the inheritance business department of COVNA group came on the stage to make the annual work report.

Armed with a "written pledge to fulfill a military order", they signed up for their personal performance goals for 2019

Vow to have a higher performance in the New Year breakthrough, spare no effort, is bound to achieve!

Finally, COVNA group general manager Bond Hong summarized the work of the year 2018, gave recognition to the families who have made achievements, and raised the existing problems in the work of the year 2018.

The general manager has also planned and deployed the work in 2019, and determined the strategic target plan in 2019. In the following work, COVNA will make clear the direction and aim to create a better future for COVNA.

Finally, a group of "old photos" emerged in front of our eyes, COVNA family followed general manager hong to tell a review of the past few years together with the experience of the story, can not help but burst into tears...

Because yesterday's success, will have today's joy; Today's efforts, make clear the brilliance of tomorrow!

After the annual summary meeting, all COVNA group members enter the 2019 annual dinner.

The most anticipated of course is our lucky draw!

COVNA personnel and administration department carefully selected awards, everyone is looking forward to and excited.

Don't lose heart if you don't win the prize, the consolation prize is not bad!

After the lottery, ushered in our new quarter staff birthday party.

Beautiful Miss Zheng presents birthday gifts to COVNA's birthday guests

The COVNA birthday guests crowded down to the cake to make wishes.Deep feeling than long company, love without words;Every face in the blessing of each other in a cheerful smile.

All the way youth · Create the future -- COVNA 2019 annual meeting comes to a successful conclusion. In 2019, we stand on a new starting point, magnify the existing advantages, highlight the potential strength.

COVNA, let us unite and redouble our efforts to create a better future for us!