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The waterway system is one of the more complex parts of the RV system, including how the water gets into the tank, how it gets to where we need it, such as the bathroom, sink, external shower and so on. Today, we will introduce an important detail that is easy overlooked by us — the RV water pressure regulator (pressure relief valve).

The plumbing in our house usually has a standard water pressure, and the water system in the RV certainly has an adaptive pressure. However, different from that in the residence, where we supply water while traveling in an RV, there is no guarantee that the water pressure at the outlet will be the same. Therefore, we need an auxiliary device to adjust the water pressure to meet the RV’s requirements avoid damage to the water system in our RV due to high water pressure.

Sometimes we may choose the campsite to replenish our water supply. At present, the RV camp is not perfect in China. It is short of the construction standards of camp. Some details have not been fully considered. Such as the pressure of tap water in camp can’t be consistent. If this kind of high-pressure water was into your car, may give a huge impact to the RV waterway or even damaged. This problem is effectively avoided by the RV water pressure regulator, a small but very useful accessory that keeps the water pressure into the RV waterway at a standard, safety state.

The general tap water supply system has a very high pressure, basically keep at 100 PSI (PSI is a unit of measurement). The water pressure in the RV is between 40 PSI and 60 PSI. A new car may be higher, but for an older RV, the recommended water pressure is 40 PSI. Many new cars come with these pressure relief valves before they leave the factory. If the external water connector is not pre-installed with the relief valve, it can be installed on the external water pipe.


The water pressure at the campsite also fluctuates greatly at different times of the day. It’s suggested that the RV players keep a water pressure gauge (another device that needs to be installed on a water pressure regulator) in the toolbox to test the water pressure in the camp. You may see a significant difference water pressure between day and night. Starting at 7 a.m., when people are busy washing and showering, the water pressure may be low because many people pump water from the source at the same time. However, if you measure at around 10 p.m., that may get a higher PSI because less people were using water at that time. Therefore, if some campsites already have the relief valves, you can just use a RV water gauge.

The water pressure regulator can be better control the pressure and flow of water into the RV. Generally, it’s very simple to use. Most of water pressure regulators only need to use a flat head screwdriver to adjust the pressure and flow.

How to select a water pressure regulator? It’s easy to buy this gadget. There are two types of materials. Metal types (generally brass material) and non-metal material (mostly plastic). We recommend the purchase of metal water pressure regulator, it can use for a long time and good stability. It also good for health and environmental protection.

The price of the water pressure regulator will be different because the craft and material. On the e-commerce website, the price of metal water pressure regulator is between few dollars to dozens of dollars.

The RV water pressure regulator is just a small detail for a large RV, but it can make your camping experience more enjoyable. It can also help you effectively prevent excessive water pressure damage to the internal operation of the RV waterway system, saving time and money. The RV water pressure regulator is regarded as an investment in the service life of the RV, it’s an improvement in comfort. By learning how to use it and how to solve some common water pressure problems, you will reduce the risk of flooding during your leisure vacation.