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Love, not just talking

Operation in COVNA...

November 28th is Thanksgiving Day, and also the day when the COVNA Love Group sails again. 

This is our third trip to the mountainous region of Guangxi.

There are 86 students in Yalong Township, Dahua County, Guangxi Province. 

Because they are located in the mountainous and poor mountainous areas, the transportation and economy are relatively backward, and education resources are scarce, and most children cannot receive a good education. 

If you want to completely change poverty, you must develop education. There is a saying that juveniles are strong, but the country is strong.

    As a reputable and responsible national valve brand, COVNA has been actively contributing to the society 

while developing the valve industry, and is keen to participate in charitable causes. 

It may not be possible to completely eradicate poverty and change destiny, but to provide teachers and students with a good learning environment to the best of their ability. This is the original intention of COVNA to donate a caring elementary school. Following the donation activities in 2016 and 2018, in November 2019, COVNA came to the teaching site in Yalong Township, Hechi City, Guangxi Province, and held the "Love again sailing " COVNA Hope Primary School Caring donations.

In order to help children in poor mountainous areas to survive the cold winter, it was initiated by the COVNA Group, 

and a number of socially caring companies participated in donating funds and materials in different ways. 

It is the kindness of these caring enterprises that has strengthened our rescue power and launched anti-poverty activities. 

We purchased televisions, school uniforms, school bags, stationery and other teaching materials. 

It is undoubtedly the best gift for children in the mountainous areas, and it is also the concern and support for 

the development of primary education in COVNA.

Members of the COVNA loving Group went into the mountains to visit poor families. 

They found that their living conditions were extremely rudimentary. There was no refrigerator TV or gas heating. 

In the bitter winter, the family squeezed into a small quilt to warm ...

   During the visit, Mr. Hong had an enthusiastic conversation with the parents and relatives of the students every time he visited the house, learned in detail the family situation, living conditions, and economic sources of the poor students, and sent condolences to the poor students' families.

During the visit, Mr Hong encouraged the students to carry forward the spirit of self-reliance and hope that 

they can bravely face the difficulties in life, study hard and live actively, and in the future will be able to repay the society 

and repay their parents. A student said: "I will study hard, listen to my mother and teacher, take care of myself, 

and enter the university in the future!"

COVNA, go for love! Let's meet at the 2020 Love Event!