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COVNA: The first brand solenoid valve electric

In today's world, the torrent of economic globalization has drawn many companies into it. 

With the constant start of various trade wars, many companies have been impacted, which has also sounded 

the alarm for us. 

As a developing company, COVNA can only adapt to the changes in the current market environment only 

by constantly adhering to the combination of "introduction and going out", continuous learning and innovation, 

and the courage to open up the international market.

Japan is the country with the most companies in the world for more than 100 years. 

Why can Japanese companies live so long? Why are Japanese craftsmen companies insisting 

on not changing at any time with the current trend of technological competition and talent competition? 

Why don't they tire of it, work hard to stick to it, and insist that every production product is as delicate as crafts? 

How do they attach equal importance to innovation and inheritance, and keep the enterprise prosperous in the fierce 

market competition?

     With a heart of learning, the "COVNA Belt and Road Business Inspection Team" went deep into Japan to visit a century-old 

enterprise and see how real craftsmen create the spirit of craftsman spirit!

1.Japan TOYOTA

Toyota is one of the top ten automobile industry companies in the world, and Japan's largest automobile company, 

founded in 1933. Toyota Motor Corp. has gradually replaced General Motors and became the world's number one 

car manufacturer since 2008. Toyota is the world ’s most profitable car company and the fastest car company. 

It only takes 85 seconds.

2.Asahi Beer

Asahi Beer is located in Nagoya, Japan. The company was founded in 1889 and has a 40% share of the Japanese beer market. 

It is one of the world's most famous beer manufacturers and has production bases around the world. 

Asahi has a variety of beers produced for different populations, such as draft beer, Mount Fuji, Silky, Kurosu, and Shubo Le.


Since its establishment on May 10, 1933, the Omron Group has continuously developed new social needs and has 

developed into a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment.

Basic idea: The company contributes to society. This concept demonstrates the significance of the existence of the Omron Group. The so-called "enterprise contributes to the society" means "only if the enterprise contributes to society, it can exist in value, can improve profits, and can continue." This is the belief of the founder Mr. Tateishi Ishi, and it is also passed down from generation to generation by the Omron Group Way of thinking. At present, Omron Corporation accepts many people with disabilities. They work like normal people in Omron, which fully reflects the social value of the company.
    Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg for the "COVNA Belt and Road Expedition". If you also want to act with us, visit first-class companies around the world, and learn more advanced management and production experience, then please join us. We look forward to more companies joining the "COVNA Belt and Road Study Tour" activities and "brand going to sea" with us.