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A complete list of common failures of pneumatic valves, must be collected

Don't know when to start
There is a day on everything.
The saury will expire, the meat sauce will expire,
Even plastic wrap will expire.
I started to doubt
in this world

What else will not expire?

The life of the valve is due to improper operation or too long time during our use, which causes various problems. 

Today, the editor of COVNA will talk to you about the possible malfunctions of the pneumatic valve and his solutions. 

It is recommended to save and save, which is super practical.

Common faults of pneumatic valves:

1. Packing leakage

Reason: the stem is bent
Method: Straighten the stem

Reason: The smoothness of the stem is not enough
Method: Polish the stem

Reason: the packing gland is deformed or damaged
Method: repair or replace

Reason: improper selection of packing type or size
Method: reselect and replace the packing

Reason: the packing is corroded or deformed
Method: re-select fillers with appropriate performance

Reason: Packing layer accumulation or improper filling method
Method: install packing ring and refill

2. The pneumatic valve runs slowly when used

Reason: the torque of the pneumatic actuator is too small
Solution: increase the size of the actuator

Reason: large changes in cylinder friction
Method: proper lubrication

Reason: insufficient air pressure
Method: Increase the pressure of the air source. A gas storage tank can be installed on the way to reduce changes 

in working pressure.

Reason: The valve load is too large, the valve core or other valve accessories are too tight and unreasonable.
Method: recalibrate and adjust valve torque

3. The pneumatic valve is not working properly

Reason: The solenoid valve is normal, the coil is burned out, and the solenoid valve core is stuck by dirt
Method: Replace solenoid valve, replace coil, clean up dirt

Reason: the pipeline is twisted and flattened
Method: to correct or replace the pipeline

Reason: The handle of the manual operating system executive management mechanism is in the manual position
Method: Move the handle to the pneumatic automatic position

Reason: the ball valve in the core impurities is stuck
Method: remove impurities and replace damaged valve parts

Reason: The medium or ambient temperature is too low, causing the pipeline to freeze.
Method: clarify the solution even if condensed water, add water to dust removal equipment

Reason: Check whether the single air supply system of the actuator can work normally, such as cylinder piston blow-by, 

cylinder block and end cover or air leakage at the shaft, etc., disassemble the actuator and pass the inspection and 

whether the seals are damaged , Whether the surface quality of the cylinder bore has been damaged.
Method: replace the damaged seal ring, replace the cylinder or piston

4. Other faults

Reason: The valve starts to jump at the beginning, and the load is too large
Method: Increase the size of the actuator

Reason: bounce at the end of the valve action, too fast, excessive inertial energy
Method: add speed control valve or external data buffer
Reason: wear of valve trim
Method: Correct the joint surface

The above is what Kevina shared today. If you want to know more, stay tuned!