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COVNA: The first brand solenoid valve electric

For electric valves, environmental factors need to be paid attention to when installing, so what are the requirements for the installation environment of electric valves?

1. For the application environment where the medium temperature exceeds 260℃, it is recommended to use flexible or split wedge gates to avoid the wedge gates from being jammed due to thermal expansion. This situation may occur when the electric valve is cold closed and then hot opened.

2. The electric gate valve is usually installed on a horizontal pipeline (unless there are special circumstances), and the valve stem is vertically upward. It can also be installed on a vertical pipeline or a horizontal pipeline with a valve stem that is not vertically upward. However, a special structure may be required according to the diameter of the electric gate valve, the application environment and the specific conditions of the material. If the purchased valve is to be installed in a special way, the orientation of the valve should be stated when ordering.

3. When the electric gate valve is used in high-speed fluid or thermal cycle applications, in order to avoid loosening, the threaded seat ring should be locked and welded to the valve body. Please specify when ordering.

4. If the seat ring is removed and the ear handle is installed, the highly integrated shut-off gate valve can be used in the hot water outlet or in the piping system using soft iron.

5. Electric gate valves are usually only used for opening or closing, not for throttling applications.

6. If the pump station uses valves that are not restricted by the site, there are many debris in the water, and are easy to block important positions, flashlight dual-purpose gate valves can be used; otherwise, butterfly valves can be used, especially in pump room renovation projects, for effective use The space of the original pump room achieves the purpose of increasing the water supply (drain) under the premise of the original pump room area unchanged.

7. After closing the electric gate valve, the valve stem should rotate slightly (1/8 to 1/4 turn) to release the load on the valve stem. This allows the valve stem to expand slightly, without jamming or damaging the electric gate valve, and without affecting the closing effect.

Therefore, attention should be paid to environmental factors when installing electric valves to ensure the role of electric valves in actual use.