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COVNA: The first brand solenoid valve electric

The electric actuator is an important part of the electric valve, so it is very important to make a reasonable purchase, 

so how to choose the appropriate electric actuator for the electric valve?

There are many kinds of electric actuators, with different motion modes, for example, quarter-turn electric actuators 

output angular torque, and linear-stroke electric actuators output displacement thrust. 

The type of electric actuator in the system application should be selected according to the working needs of the valve.

Rotary electric actuator:

The rotary electric actuator is used in conjunction with the rotary valve. The output shaft of the rotary 

electric actuator rotates less than one circle, that is, 360 degrees, such as butterfly valves, ball valves, 

the valve rotation angle is usually less than 90 degrees, and the rotary electric actuator rotates 90 degrees to 

realize the valve opening and closing process.

Multi-turn electric actuator:

Multi-turn electric actuators are also electric actuators with output rotation angle torsion. 

The difference between multi-turn electric actuators and multi-turn electric actuators is that the output shaft rotates 

more than 360 degrees.Multi-turn electric actuators are suitable for rotary valves, such as gate valves and stop valves, 

and can rotate multiple times to complete the opening and closing process

Linear electric actuator:
The straight-stroke electric actuator outputs displacement thrust, which is suitable for valve types controlled by valve lift, 

such as single-seat and double-seat control valves

Therefore, when selecting electric valve actuators, these factors need to be fully considered to ensure its good performance 

and meet people's production needs.