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COVNA: The first brand solenoid valve electric

"Philippines" journey "non - general" feeling

- COVNA layout overseas market,To the Philippines exhibition and business study shorthand

COVNA, german technology, global service!

        "Read the book, not as good as thousands of miles." In the globalization of the 

market today, the business is facing more opportunities, more challenges, more complex 

environment, more opponents and partners, the status quo of the enterprise will be 

abandoned by the future, and constantly open up, with More partners in the business

to win in the future.

          It is based on this understanding, COVNA, under the leadership of general 

manager BOND,Continue to lay out the emerging areas, and constantly break through 

their own business limitations, in the realization of their own performance while growing 

wide cooperation, in order to achieve the Group's international strategy continue to 

move forward

          March 21, 2017, COVNA, general manager of BOND and foreign trade department 

members JOE, LULU, went to Manila, Kalamba, officially opened in the Philippines for 5 

days of exhibitors and business visits.

Visit the Kalanba old customers

          Just off the plane, dedicated COVNA team will be non-stop, rushed to the capital of Manila 54 km away 

from the important industrial center area - Kalamba. Kalamba has a well-known industrial company in 

Kampong Bang and Carmelray to manufacture export products, such as electronic products, beauty products 

and clothing.

          After twists and turns, when the COVNA team arrived at the destination,By the use of COVNA 

products for many years the old customers attach great importance to hospitality.Old customers LUKAKU 

already awaiting for a long time,With our simple greeting,Have appreciated COVNA products and services,

And personally led the COVNA team to enter the production workshop, introduced COVNA product use.

           After, Everyone on the cooperation of both sides, Kalamba future development strategy direction 

are detailed communication,BOND expressed great importance to the cooperation of Caramanca, Manila and 

the entire Filipino entrepreneur,Commitment will be fully meet the needs of customers, help enterprises in 


General manager of BOND deep into the workshop, field performance in the work of COVNA

         As we all know, the sun, the beach, the waves, the perfect sunset, rich variety of fruits and food, is the 

western Pacific island of the country - the famous characteristics of the Philippines!

          The beauty of the Philippines is a bright and beautiful beauty, sky blue sea blue, blue sky clear sky. 

Perhaps in a tropical relationship, the Filipinos are as warm and cheer as their weather. The locals are very 

enthusiastic, the way you smiled at her, she will warm greeting with you, as we like the Spring Festival.

            Night falls, Kalamba old customers LUKAKU and COVNA team in the night under the dinner, that 

pleasant feeling from the end, people forget their own in a foreign land, away from the hustle and bustle of 

the city........

Participate in the Philippine Water Show

         The Philippine Water Show in 2017 was hosted by UBM, a well-known European exhibition company,

Is one of Southeast Asia (water show series exhibition).It is understood that the Philippines has a population

 of 100 million there is an unlimited business opportunities, the new government promised to improve the 

infrastructure,2017 Philippine Water Show will be an opportunity for suppliers to enter the Philippine market.

At present, only 7 per cent of the population is applied to the sewerage system, and the demand for drinking 

water is growing due to the rapid population growth. There is an urgent need to improve these services, to 

minimize water waste, to strengthen water resources management, water supply and sanitation Facilities, 

industrial wastewater treatment and filtration and other aspects of technology and services.

          COVNA cross the sea to participate in this exhibition, to understand the forefront of water and sewage 

industry development, enhance brand awareness and reputation, the introduction of new products, looking 

for opportunities for cooperation.

          March 22 the same day, more than 28 countries from 350 companies, 6500 booking the audience 

have gathered in Manila, has become a major event of the local. From Germany, China, from the German 

technology, set research and development, design, sales and service in one, specializing in the production of 

pipeline fluid control of the solenoid valve, pneumatic valves, electric valves and other automation equipment 

accessories, the "product first, First, the credibility of the supremacy of "service purposes by the guests at the 

show recognition and appreciation, in product consulting, business negotiations have taken the initiative with 

the Kewei Na team photo, become a special exhibition line!

COVNA products with more than 30 core patents and multi-national certification, professional trustworthy, 

much customer trust

         At the show, BOND has repeatedly stressed: COVNA has consistently adhered to the "professional, 

brand, international" development strategy, commitment to customer satisfaction and success, the pursuit of 

speed and efficiency, focus on the customer and the company Innovation, committed to the global 

automation application service providers and efforts.

Night visit to Manila City Square, the liberation of monuments

After the Philippine Water Show, the COVNA team visited the Manila Liberation Monument. The liberation 

monument in the northern suburbs of Manila is a monument dedicated to the loss of life for Manila war. 

Solemnly, where the night is particularly beautiful, although the square is not large, but a lot of leisure, more 

lively at night, next to the building is also very architectural features

Inspection of the world famous milk brand - Yakult production base

"Are you drinking today?" No matter where you come from, there is no stranger to the slogan of the world.

Yakult by the Japanese Kyoto University Professor Tian Tian developed yogurt drinks, since its inception 

nearly 90 years by the global consumer welcome! In 1977 the establishment of the Philippine production 

base, but also carries the Southeast Asia and the whole of Asia can not be replaced by the important position.

Sun Wu said: "up and down with the desire to win." In the era of resource integration, cooperation is 

undoubtedly the winner of the magic weapon. To this end, COVNA team led us together into the Yakult 

factory, seeking cooperation.

Philippine Yakult and the corresponding industry has a wide range of resources, the cooperation between 

the two projects are numerous, this time again in the Philippines, both to thank the leaders of both sides of 

the far-sighted, but also benefit from the two groups recognized each other's corporate culture, After many 

cooperation, I believe that this cooperation will be able to bear fruit.

In the two sides to discuss, from the profitability of the various front of the staff are enthusiastic to speak, 

exchange, cordial conversation, common cooperation for the future advice, the whole discussion is always 

full of relaxed and warm atmosphere. Their enthusiasm, can just melt you - you see, I just finished drinking a 

bottle, gave me handed two bottles!


Because the domestic propaganda that the Philippines is very powerful anti-China, so my friends really quite 

little to the Philippines as the first destination for outbound travel. In fact, the COVNA team in the Philippines, 

with all the Filipino service staff around the time, we feel the rustic and the enthusiasm of the people of the 

Philippines, as for the contradictions between our two countries, many of them are do not know. 

Whether it is our great motherland, or the Philippines, not all in the direction of good, rich development? 

I began to like the Philippines, and she had natural beauty and friendly people. Unrelated to politics because 

the people are not guilty.

We always think that any place, customs are the most beautiful scenery.

In the Philippines, take the initiative on the road to say hello, for the camera are generous pose. 

Those who take the initiative to take pictures of the Philippine people, very simple and warm face will meet 

a friendly smile, especially the dazzling is the brown skin printed with bright white teeth ... 

this small and warm things,

BOND returned to share said, happiness is the degree of satisfaction with life, a subjective feeling, 

happiness index is to measure the specific extent of the people feel the subjective index. 

In the country we rarely care about this topic, and Europe and the United States and other developed 

countries began a study of happiness index. Very often, happiness has nothing to do with money, 

and whether you are concerned about, if you are the same with the Filipino heart, sincere, you are not 

far from happiness!

They are always smiling to treat everyone

There is a very popular words: life must have at least two impulses, once for the love of love, once left to travel. 

In this regard, some people say that there must be said to go away the courage, I think the courage is a virtual thing, 

I prefer to go away emboldened.

Sometimes, courage is just a cavity.

What is the emboldened?

Is to go to be able to go, and go pretty, go up the wind.

Life no matter what time, emboldened, is the best.

How is the emboldened? From the practice of their own ability. We are educated, growing experience, met people, 

made mistakes, eating things, seen the scenery, are bit by bit into our bones of blood, every second constantly updated 

to create a new Own oneself.

COVNA, down to earth, as "dedicated to the global automation application service provider" global service, destined 

to COVNA international footprints thousands of miles away, thousands of miles away .....

[Passport records are not travel records, is the "heart to the future," the practice of the global strategic theme ...]

In the evening, the afterglow of the sunset shines on the beach of the coconut trees, emerald green water in the sunset 

gradually dyed shiny golden yellow, distant horizon floating a few colorful clouds.

At this time stroll in the Bay of Manila, in the micro-whirlwind in the sea breeze in the eyes, it is refreshing.

Scenery what its beauty, but unfortunately no time!

BOND stands at the Manila Submarine Hotel, overlooking the gaze, sketching the development of COVNA blueprint ...

Through this trip, intensive exhibition and study exchange, we have a preliminary understanding of the Philippine 

automation industry market situation, to explore a number of business cooperation and exchange of related issues, 

in improving their own brand building at the same time, for the follow-up may be carried out in various forms Cooperation 

to do the preparatory work.

The future, COVNA will adhere to the development of the perspective of the problem, do the overall strategic planning, 

a firm performance for the king's philosophy, identify their own advantages, identify their own positioning, strong 

combination, and constantly deepen cooperation, and actively expand overseas Market, to achieve high quality resources 

sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win situation.

"Philippine" general journey, "non-general" feel ... ...

COVNA, German technology, global service! Let us have a period!