Stainless steel 316L(Sanitary grades), Stainless Steel 316&304, Brass and cast steel.
How many materials can be used apply to solenoid valve from COVNA?

In a direct acting valve, the main body or poppet is moved using magnetic force generated by the electrical coil to shift the valve. In a solenoid-pilot operated valve, the main body or plunger is moved using force developed from the available pilot pressure. The coil in this case is used to control the pilot for the pilot piston.
What is the difference between a direct acting solenoid valve and a solenoid- pilot operated valve?

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What methods of payment do you accept?

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We are concerned about the technical support after using your product. Any technical engineers can be provided?

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Do you have stock for RTS?

Sure, we have our own CNC machine. No matter curved surface or complex process can be finished.
 I have a drawing for customized valve, can you do it?

We've been in valve field since 2000s, mainly for solenoid valve, motorized valve and pneumatic valve, the lever valve provided also.
I am looking for a valve factory for a long term business relationship. What product you main specialized?

Generally, 2-way valves allow fluid according to the cylinders. If there is a single-acting cylinder fluid flow in a single direction when a double-acting cylinder being used, fluid is able to flow in both directions.
I have been told that 2-way valves only allow fluid flow in one direction is it correct?

Usually, Nitrile, Viton, PTFE, and EPDM diaphragms are applicable in oil media.
What type of diaphragm used in oil media?