How to choose electric butterfly valve
  • Dec 23, 2021

How to choose electric butterfly valve

The disc of the butterfly valve is that the disc has a shaft rotating on the position of the valve seat. The angle of the rotation determines the opening and closing degree of the valve. The following is the main topic: how to select the electric butterfly valve correctly.

1. Stem diameter
One situation is the multi-turn type rising stem valve, which cannot be installed on the electric valve. Therefore, when purchasing, pay special attention to the stem diameter and ensure the maximum stem diameter that it can pass. There are also requirements on the inner diameter of the hollow output shaft, which must be larger than the outer diameter of the stem of the rising stem valve.
2. Operating torque
When buying an electric butterfly valve and looking for a butterfly valve manufacturer, first consider the valve stem diameter, and secondly, look at the operating torque. This is the most critical parameter when we buy an electric valve device. When the electric butterfly valve is working, the most important thing is to control by the stroke, torque or axial thrust, because the effect of the valve electric device is mainly determined by the type of valve and whether the device is standardized. , So it is a very critical important equipment. Therefore, if you find the right regular butterfly valve manufacturer and choose the right valve electric device, you can largely prevent overloading.
3. The output torque of the electric device
Also pay special attention to the output torque of the electric device of the electric butterfly valve, to ensure that it is 1.2--1. 5 times the maximum operating torque of the valve i 7